about me

I am a figurative artist based out of Santa Barbara - Ventura County, California, who focuses on the female form. I create my paintings in layers and over time using multiple mediums: paper mache, spray paint acrylic paints, watercolor and charcoal.

Each painting is created with love and intention, whether conscious or not. My current exhibition of work, Missing Parts, has been a culmination of personal transformation both emotionally and physically over the last few years. sharing a visual experience of trauma, pregnancy, birth and new life - most of which happened during the infamous pandemic. These pieces truly are deep to my heart.

Art has been a huge part of my life since childhood. Both my parents are artist and encouraged me to follow my ambitions, whatever they may be. I attended the Visual Arts and Design program at Santa Barbara High School. Then went on to graduate with my Bachelor of Fine Arts from Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts, the #1 public arts & design program in the the United States. Following college I started my own fine Arts & Design business, Huny Designs in October of 2018.

My artwork depicts intimate moments of my life and has evolved as I have.  sculpted from vulnerable moments, Each piece is intended to be placed in beautiful interiors and bring confidence, love and empowerment to its home.

Art that celebrates you.


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